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Each month we publish a newsletter to keep you informed of the latest updates at the DAC. Contained within the newsletter, you will find a calendar of events, important updates on special club hours, facility news, health & fitness articles, featured members, the move of the month and more.

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Member in Motion: Courtney Surrett

Read the full newsletter here. Sports and athletics were part of DAC member Courtney Surrett’s life growing up, but it was just something she did. It wasn’t until she was forced to make a life changing decision that she discovered a true passion for fitness and...
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Move of the Month: Side Plank with Hip Abduction

Lyndsay Sears, DAC Personal Trainer This move of the month improves hip strength and stability and one of the top exercises for gluteus medius activation. Instructions: Position the body in a traditional side plank set-up with the supporting elbow beneath the shoulder...
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Member in Motion: Rachelle Dow

Read the full newsletter here. There were 85 members who stepped up to the 2017 New Year Challenge but it was the second grade teacher from Pleasant Hill that blew everyone out of the water. Completing the 6-week challenge in three weeks, Rachelle Dow secured first...
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Move of the Month: T Push-up with Oblique Rotation

Skyler Banta, DAC Personal Trainer This is a full body exercise that utilizes multidirectional dynamic movements to increase balance, bilateral control and core strength. Instructions: To set up this exercise get into a high plank position. For safety, your shoulders...
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Member in Motion: Nathan and Erin

Read the full newsletter here. Under the dimmed lights of Studio I and the glow of the holiday decorations lining the mirrors, DAC member Nathan Heide asked Erin Ward to marry him following their favorite yoga class last December. A perfect acknowledgement of their...
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Member in Motion: Mark Richanbach

Read the full newsletter here. As the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 2016, Mark Richanbach can look back on 2016 as the year he reclaimed his health. Since joining the DAC in May as part of Morgan Stanley’s corporate account, Mark is down 20 pounds and proudly...
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Move of the Month: Bosu Burpees

Jordan Kanewa, DAC Personal Trainer This is a total body workout and focuses on cardio and balance, a great workout for the New Year! Instructions: Squat down to grab the bosu and bring it over head. Squat back down as you set bosu on the floor. Hop both feet back...
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Member in Motion: Brent Hample

Read the full newsletter here. Eugene native, Brent Hample, grew up playing team sports. As a lifelong athlete, he looked to volleyball as a way to stay in shape as an adult and found his place among the morning DAC volleyball players. When did you join the DAC?...
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Move of the Month: Cable Chest Fly

Jimmy Liberato, DAC Personal Trainer Instructions: Set up by adjusting the cable arm to chest height. Begin by bringing one handle to you chest and then reaching for the other handle. While posturing up, keep your abdominal tight and extend your arms out wide. Extend...
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Members in Motion: Erik and Brittany Quick-Warner

Read the full newsletter here. With dreams of leaving the world of accounting and becoming a successful, young entrepreneur, Erik Quick-Warner was able to make the first in a series of leaps of faith when he met his wife Brittany. Together they started a business that...
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Move of the Month: Russian Kettlebell Swing

Tatyana Belinsky, DAC Personal Trainer Instructions: Start by picking up your kettlebell into an upright position, with your shoulders back and setting your hips back. Swing it back between your legs then, squeezing your hips forward, swing the kettlebell up to...
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Member in Motion: Deb Dotters

Read the full newsletter here. Deb Dotters made her first escape from Alcatraz Island eight years ago. DAC swim instructor Rick Rodriquez and some others members of the F.A.S.T. DAC Masters Swim group invited her to join them in the Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim and her...
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