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Each month we publish a newsletter to keep you informed of the latest updates at the DAC. Contained within the newsletter, you will find a calendar of events, important updates on special club hours, facility news, health & fitness articles, featured members, the move of the month and more.

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Member in Motion: Celeste Jacobi

Read the full newsletter here. DAC: How did you get started with art? Celeste: When I was younger, my mom always had art projects for my sisters and I to keep us occupied while she was taking care of the home. We always had new art materials in our hands and she...
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Move of the Month: Triceps/Rear Deltoid Three-Part Progression Lori B. Havas DAC Personal Trainer SET UP Stand in a split stance with one foot forward, one foot back and the front knee bent. Hinge at your hips, keeping your elbows in close to your body. Begin with fingertips at your hips and open your...
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Member in Motion: Tyler Burgess

Read the full newsletter here. After what felt like a lifetime of desk jobs, the year 2000 brought a new millennium and a fresh start for DAC member Tyler Burgess. Sparked by a passion for fitness and a desire for change, Tyler’s business, Walk with Me, has grown over...
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Move of the Month: Lateral Cable Pull Sandra Hentze DAC Personal Trainer Instructions: Place the cable pin at shoulder height and attach a rope. You should be standing far enough away from the machine so the weight stack doesn’t touch down during the exercise. Grab the rope at...
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Member in Motion: Ken Woody

Read the full newsletter here. For decades, DAC member Ken Woody has been sharing his knowledge of the game - with students, players, FOX viewers, Register Guard readers and the occasional fan passing on the street asking, “Hey, what did you think of the game this...
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Move of the Month: Overhead Squat Tatyana Belinsky DAC Personal Trainer Instructions: Start with your feet shoulder width apart and arms extended over your head, slightly wider than your shoulders. While keeping your chest up and abs engaged, sit your hips back and lower...
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Member in Motion: Jase Simmons

Read the full newsletter here. This year, 30,004 runners entered the world’s oldest annual marathon -- the Boston Marathon. Of those who entered, 27, 221 started the race and 26,411 finished. As DAC member Jase Simmons lined up at the crowded start of the historic...
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Move of the Month: TRX Butterfly Breaststroke Jimmy Liberato, DAC Personal Trainer Instructions: Set the TRX straps at 75-100% the full length. Grab a mat or pad to kneel on to protect your knees. Grip both handles of the TRX and extend your arms out in front of you. While in the...
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Member in Motion: Courtney Surrett

Read the full newsletter here. Sports and athletics were part of DAC member Courtney Surrett’s life growing up, but it was just something she did. It wasn’t until she was forced to make a life changing decision that she discovered a true passion for fitness and...
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Move of the Month: Side Plank with Hip Abduction Lyndsay Sears, DAC Personal Trainer This move of the month improves hip strength and stability and one of the top exercises for gluteus medius activation. Instructions: Position the body in a traditional side plank set-up with the...
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Member in Motion: Rachelle Dow

Read the full newsletter here. There were 85 members who stepped up to the 2017 New Year Challenge but it was the second grade teacher from Pleasant Hill that blew everyone out of the water. Completing the 6-week challenge in three weeks, Rachelle Dow secured first...
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Move of the Month: T Push-up with Oblique Rotation Skyler Banta, DAC Personal Trainer This is a full body exercise that utilizes multidirectional dynamic movements to increase balance, bilateral control and core strength. Instructions: To set up this exercise get into a high plank...
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