Membership Types

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Membership Types:

  • Individual: One adult over 18 years of age.
  • Family: Two adults (married couples or domestic partners) over 18 years of age, who live in the same household and share joint financial responsibility.
  • Mature Adult: Individual or Family memberships where both adult members are age 70+.

Children ages 0-13 on all accounts are complimentary. Additional charges apply for children ages 14-23.

Corporate Membership

Encouraging employees to make healthy lifestyle choices is one of the smartest moves an employer can make. Providing your employees with a corporate athletic club option can increase productivity, reduce your health care costs, improve job satisfaction and reduce absenteeism.

The Downtown Athletic Club offers two tiers of corporate accounts based on the number of employee participants. Both types receive reduced initiation fees, dues and discounts throughout the Club.

Not only do these collaborative partnerships provide a great way for coworkers to bond, they give employees the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives – even at work. Help your employees enhance their personal effectiveness and benefit your organization’s bottom line.

Interested in Membership?

If you are interested in joining the Downtown Athletic Club, Member Services can schedule a tour of our beautiful facility and answer any of your questions.

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