“Working on a crazy fun goal to do 365 workouts in 365 days”

A goal setter and go getter is exactly what Kristena Cox is, but not without the influence and inspiration of her family, friends, and career. With a smile on her face, positive energy surrounding her and a mission on her mind; Cox is on day 171 of her goal to complete 365 workouts in 365 consecutive days.

For Kristena, this goal has been a long time coming – she just didn’t know it yet. In 2012, Cox trained to compete in a half marathon but unfortunately fell badly ill forcing her out of the marathon and into a six month recovery process. Following her illness, Kristena worked towards training for the 10k running portion of a triathlon relay, despite her fear of not fitting what she imaged to be the ‘triathlon mold’. “I went in with a mindset that I wouldn’t be able to identify with the people competing. I didn’t have the perfectly sculpted athletic build.” However, competing in that triathlon was Cox’s first major inspiration that would lead to her current goal. “Once I was competing, I was so inspired by the people around me! People there had all different body types, shapes and sizes and it was so inspirational to me that I wanted to try and eventually do a full triathlon,” gushed Kristena.


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