Sandra Hentze
DAC Personal Trainer

This is a great exercise for hip mobility and balance. It is not meant to be done with heavy weight. Find a weight that challenges your balance but does not interfere with proper alignment and movement.


  1. Grab the handles and stand with your back to the machine, arms extended.
  2. Turn both feet so they are pointing to the left, lined up about an inch apart.
  3. Point your hips forward as much as possible without letting the feet pivot.
  4. Initiate the move by driving the hips first and slowly turning to your left. You should feel the core stabilizers and hip activate.
  5. As smoothly as possible, after the hips begin to move, drive the right arm across your body and pull the left arm back so that the elbow goes just passed your rib cage and close to your side.
  6. Slowly unwind to the beginning position. Check feet to make sure they remain parallel.
  7. Repeat desired amount of reps and then change directions.

10-15 reps, 2-3 sets.