Skyler Banta

Personal Trainer

Growing up in the Eugene/Springfield area provided Skyler the opportunity to become an avid outdoorsman and he has enjoyed a physically active lifestyle in TrackTown USA. After obtaining his Personal Training certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, he received a B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science, focusing on Fitness & Nutrition, from Oregon State University.

Skyler has worked with hundreds of clients over the years, from collegiate and amateur level athletes to weekend warriors, clients with special needs. He is highly experienced in a variety of exercise modalities and has designed workout programs focusing on lifestyle fitness, disease prevention/recovery and various client goals. Skyler enjoys utilizing plyometric/body weight exercises, circuit training and multi-joint movements to create unique and effective workouts.


  • Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation
  • Core/Spinal Stability
  • Functional Movement
  • Weight Loss
  • Sport (Task) Specific Training

Degrees and Certificates

  • B.S. Exercise & Sport Science – Focusing on Fitness & Nutrition
  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

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